Woodstar Labs

Woodstar Labs is a non-profit, cybersecurity incubator focused on cutting-edge solutions, microelectronics, eLearning, and STEM education. A subsidiary of AUI, Woodstar Labs leverages AUI’s more than 70-years of experience in managing scientific discoveries to build a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment where good ideas grow into meaningful and impactful achievements.

Woodstar Labs’ mission is to support critical infrastructure markets that have not traditionally had the human or financial resources to secure their information systems and operational technologies from malicious cyber actors. We provide high quality services and research and development at a price that makes sense for markets that include state and local elections offices, small-scale energy production facilities, and large-scale scientific facilities.

Capabilities and Services

  • CISO as a Service: Woodstar Labs’ CISO as a Service (CaaS) program provides a team of cybersecurity subject matter experts to support our clients with top-tier guidance and expertise on a wide array of cybersecurity related activities on information and operational technology systems.
  • Cybersecurity Fusion Center: Woodstar Labs also offers cybersecurity support through its Cybersecurity Fusion Center. At the Center, our experts examine metadata flows from our partners to provide near real-time analysis to ensure that no malicious activities are occurring on their information networks.
  • Cybersecurity eLearning: Woodstar Labs is also developing a suite of eLearning courses that make cybersecurity education accessible to our partners across a wide range of experience levels. Our competency-based approach ensures that students achieve a high-level of knowledge, skills, and abilities after engaging with our eLearning system.

In the News

October 17, 2019: Our own Tony Crass quoted in NC State Board of Elections begins campaign to boost voter confidence
October 17, 2019: North Carolina officials emphasize voting security efforts
January 14, 2020: Utah Petroleum Association Annual Meeting

Contact Us

For more information about Woodstar Labs, please contact us at: info@woodstarlabs.org