The PLUS Initiative

AUI has launched the PLUS Initiative to unlock a wealth of technological innovations hidden in academia and solve the most challenging problems in research and development. PLUS addresses innovators’ pain points, transforming their Valleys of Death into our shared Mountains of Opportunity, and brings solutions for clean air, clean water, clean energy, greater connectivity, and reduced waste out of the labs and into the market. The PLUS Initiative is an incubator, plus an investment fund, plus much more:

PLUS What?

PLUS is a powerful combination of a venture fund + accelerator launched by AUI to enable

  • Start-ups from universities and research labs PLUS,
  • Scaling-up of Science into products PLUS,
  • Connectivity between innovation and strategic partners PLUS,
  • Global entrepreneurship


PLUS Where?

Through the PLUS initiative, AUI has created an innovative and sustainable model for moving promising technologies aimed at addressing the needs for clean air, clean water, clean energy, greater connectivity, and reduced waste out of the labs and into the market. PLUS primarily serves the following sectors:

  • Energy
    • Digitization in energy
    • Additive manufacturing
    • Smart mining
  • Mobility
    • Connected and autonomous
    • Electric mobility
    • Additive manufacturing
  • Digital Life
    • Circular economy
    • Clean water
    • Resilient communities



PLUS provides the five essential “C”s for successfully scaling Science into a viable product:

  • Intellectual Capital = source + due diligence + selection
  • Human Capital = technical teams + system engineers + scale-up teams
  • Relationship Capital = access to partners + first capital
  • Structural Capital = access to prototyping + testing facilities
  • Financial Capital = financing for scaling-up to a field prototype

The PLUS structure gives investors:

  • License and equity revenue
  • Options for altruistic investment
  • Global problem-solving impact
  • First look opportunities for new tech
  • Tech streams with market pull
  • Pooled resources and diverse portfolio.



Sanjiv MalhotraDr. Sanjiv Malhotra, CEO of PLUS and AUI Ventures has raised almost $150 Million from Venture Capital, Public Equity, Pension Funds and Family Offices for his 2 ventures (Oorja Protonics and H Power Corp). He also led an IPO for H Power on NASDAQ and raised $100 million in August 2000. This capital has been deployed for converting science and early-stage technology into commercial products globally in various markets. Dr. Malhotra was an active angel investor between 2006 and 2015 and invested in start-ups in US and India. He was also recruited to be the First Director of the Clean Energy Investment Center at the US Department of Energy.