AUI People

AUI’s dedicated and accomplished employees have helped create, build, develop, and efficiently sustain world class research centers with pioneering scientific instruments, which have rightly gained reputations for enabling cutting-edge research.

AUI’s talented and devoted people provide exemplary service to our user communities. They both value and thrive on the varied and exciting professional challenges associated with their roles. AUI’s international team members routinely stretch their limits in order to enhance the capabilities of AUI’s instruments and the reputations of its research centers. A personalized, hands-on, and effective service philosophy guides their work.

AUI recognizes that the success of its research centers depends on the support given their users and their value as recognized by the wider science community. We know that the loyalty of the community can only be gained and sustained through high levels of user support and community satisfaction with professional experience and their science results. Such satisfaction and results are influenced by the value of the services and tools placed at their disposal. That value is in turn generated by the work of satisfied, engaged, and productive AUI employees.


AUI understands that the satisfaction, engagement, and productivity of its employees can never be taken for granted. We recognize our employees always need to know what’s expected of them, have the right tools for their jobs, receive the best training, understand how their job fits the research mission, have the chance to do their best, and receive praise and encouragement. Our people want to work in an atmosphere of trust and respect, feel challenged, feel they can always speak up, and feel they can be creative, collaborate, and experiment. It is in the interests of science and to ensure a return on the trust and responsibility placed with them that AUI and its employees welcome these challenges and feel proud of their individual and collective contributions.