AUI Statement on the August 11th-12th Events in Charlottesville


All of us, of course, were shocked by the scenes in Charlottesville on Friday and Saturday, and by the consequences of this vile domestic terrorism.  As an organization with long-standing roots in Charlottesville we know it as a diverse and welcoming community to all people.  The white supremacist and racist groups that descended upon Charlottesville did so with the intent of publicizing their hateful ideology and intimidating anyone who opposes it.  AUI stands with the Charlottesville community in repudiating the Nazis, the KKK, the supremacists and all who spread hate and intolerance, for which there is no place in a free society.

We wish to thank the many members of the AUI community who have asked about the well-being of our employees in Charlottesville after last weekend’s events.  NRAO leadership has stated that to the best of its knowledge, all Charlottesville families are safe.  Faye Giles, NRAO AD-Human Resources, and Lyndele von Schill, NRAO Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, have offered assistance for those who feel particularly disturbed or disheartened by the appalling events.

AUI opposes bigotry, and promotes diversity and inclusion at all levels and areas of our organization, and in all our interactions with the broader community, to benefit our mission, and for and on behalf of the community we serve. The occurrences of the last few days only strengthen this sense of purpose and moral duty.

Roscoe Giles Chair of the AUI Board of Trustees

Ethan Schreier AUI President