With the rise of devastating cyber incursions, science, industry, and government are turning to trusted allies to develop affordable, adaptable, nimble, and innovative countermeasures. AUI understands the need to protect critical assets in a constrained budget environment given our 70 years of expertise in managing complex research institutions.

Our cybersecurity program provides innovative solutions for R&D environments and other niche areas by offering services that balance the needs of data sharing, and data security. AUI accommodates the needs of these underserved, niche communities by delivering products and services that are designed to:

  • Provide additional layers of security onto existing cybersecurity systems,
  • Improve security in the development, analysis, testing and validation of software and hardware,
  • Provide automated methods to detect new and emergent cybersecurity threats, and
  • Engage the broader research community in debating and advancing these issues.

AUI’s capabilities are built on its strong legacy of designing, building, and managing complex, pioneering facilities for world-class scientific research and experimentation. This includes creating and managing FFRDCs with research activities dispersed across the world for over 50 years as well as experience customizing design and low volume prototyping of specialized mechanical components.

Army helicopter landing near VLA

Adding a New Layer of Defense onto Extant Systems

AUI provides real-time detection and assessment of cyber incursions and threats utilizing unique behavioral analysis and visualization techniques, open source threat intelligence feeds, and machine learning and artificial intelligence tools. AUI combines open source intelligence feeds and detailed network traffic provided by sensors deployed on-site at customer institutions.

AUI supports its customer base through the use of an online portal to share and disseminate specific and general information through dashboards and intelligence reports, and works with our customers to evaluate network data within the multi-institutional boundaries of specific activities, providing a unique level of situational awareness and cyber threat intelligence. AUI detects and reports threat actor tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and potential indicators of compromise, and works to identify longer-term trends that impact the cybersecurity environment of our community.

The combination of technical data processed by analytical and visualization software, the experience and expertise of human analysts, and the intelligence gained through examining our system-wide data is a powerful and unique contribution to protecting client facilities against cyber campaigns and advanced persistent threats (APTs). Coupling behavioral information from our sensor data and enriching it with other data sources such as threat data streams and known or suspected APT tactics and techniques offers unparalleled insight into threats, vulnerabilities, and mitigation strategies.

Supply Chain Analysis for Software and Hardware Validation

AUI works closely with the US government, scientific institutions, and underserved communities to offer solutions based on several decades of policy and implementation expertise. Through serving the niche needs at the forefront of science, AUI has developed the ability to create, test, and validate tomorrow’s solutions to today’s most vexing challenges.

Policy Engagement

Our cyber leadership team has served in the highest offices in the federal government and has an in-depth understanding of the policy challenges in cybersecurity. They have real world, practical experience in bringing diverse interests together and developing consensus on multifaceted issues.

AUI is setting the new standard for enhanced security for R&D environments and other niche areas. To learn more about our technical cyber services please contact