Broadening Participation

AUI is firmly committed to the principles of diversity and broad participation within its workforce, in the wider science and engineering communities that our missions touch, and with the public. This is rooted in fundamental AUI corporate policies, and carried through in corporate practices. Our broadening participation and diversity programs seek to fundamentally change the demographics of under-represented groups in astronomy, engineering and STEM fields. It is a continuous undertaking.

The Office of Diversity Initiatives (ODI), a panel of key internal stakeholders reporting to the AUI President and the NRAO Director, is leading AUI’s work here.

AUI is dedicated to developing and maintaining the highest caliber workforce that, at the same time, is diverse and broadly inclusive of members from under-represented groups. AUI’s high-level goals in this area include maintaining competence in the science and technical skills necessary to carry out its missions, fostering diversity among its staff, helping to train a diverse next generation of scientists and engineers, and bringing the benefits of these programs to a wide cross-section of the public. Actions to reach these collective goals include:

  • Aggressively recruiting staff from a pool representing a diverse cross-section of society
  • Creating a work environment conducive to the employment and retention of women and minorities
  • Creating programs that help train, and help universities educate, the new generations of scientists and engineers, including institutions that serve underrepresented communities
  • Bringing the benefits of research conducted at AUI facilities to the general public, to help develop a scientifically and technologically literate society

AUI and NRAO have a comprehensive Action Plan for Broadening Participation to leverage the investments in current programs by strengthening our internal policies and management structures as they relate to diversity and broadening participation, and by adding new programs to reach even farther. These ensure AUI policies, including participation and diversity, are continually reviewed, and that diversity activities are visible at the highest level of the corporation. They ensure the involvement of the AUI President, the AUI Vice President Administration and AUI Research Center Directors in diversity matters and the appointment of an AUI Diversity Officer, to formally coordinate all diversity plans and activities on behalf of the organization.

AUI is resolute in fostering an appreciation and advancement of diversity and inclusiveness in its culture and environment.