AUI Policies

AUI is an independent, non‑profit corporation committed exclusively to serving the broad National Interest by constructing and operating large scientific projects and facilities effectively and with the utmost integrity. In achieving this goal, AUI draws heavily on the guidance, active participation and competence of dedicated and knowledgeable scientists, engineers and other professionals elected to its Board.

AUI facilities are generally funded by agencies of the Federal Government and operated as National Centers, which are oriented primarily for the use of the university research community and are also available to scientists from industry and other Government-supported laboratories. Scientists, engineers, and supporting personnel at AUI facilities have two broad areas of responsibility:

  • the development, maintenance and support of forefront user facilities; and
  • the pursuit of research programs of the highest quality relevant to the broad missions of AUI’s Research Centers and funding agencies.

Institutions managed by AUI must be centers of excellence in their own right.