The Committee on the Future of U.S. Radio Astronomy

In an effort to help forge a community-wide vision for the future of radio astronomy and in preparation for the next Decadal Survey, AUI is sponsoring a Committee on the Future of US Radio Astronomy.  A Committee has been formed comprising members of the astronomy community with both a broad scientific perspective and a knowledge of radio astronomy techniques.  It is chaired by Dick McCray, of the University of Colorado. 

The primary goal of the Committee will be to determine radio astronomy’s role in answering fundamental questions in astronomy as an integral part of a broad scientific agenda.  The committee will focus on the science questions expected to be most important over the next one to two decades, and to investigate how radio, millimeter and submillimeter  (RMS) observations can best contribute.  RMS observations will be considered within the context of all multi-wave length astronomy investigations by existing and planned major facilities.

The Committee will solicit input from the community at large. Its goal is to publish a ‘white paper’ which will be relevant for the broad astronomy community and timely for the planning of the next Decadal Survey.

Upcoming dates