To define and set forth policies and procedures for Travel protocol at the AUI. AUI travel expenses consist of travel by the AUI Board of Trustees, AUI Corporate Office staff, and others for whom travel is deemed essential for the interests of the AUI and is not otherwise supported by sub-awards or other means. The AUI Corporate Office has established that:

  1. Travel advances are issued to eliminate any financial burdens on travelers conducting business of behalf of AUI. Advances should be reasonable and not exceed the amount of per diem and anticipated lodging for the trip length. Travelers who possess the AUI American Express Gold Business credit cards can use their card for payment of airfare, rental car, hotel, and lodging in lieu of obtaining large cash advances, where appropriate. The AUI Controller authorizes travel advance requests.
  2. A travel advance generally will not be issued when the traveler has a previous advance outstanding. The AUI Controller may authorize the issuance of a second travel advance in appropriate circumstances.
  3. AUI employees, Trustees, and others travel coach/economy class except for special exceptions which necessitate the need to travel via business class. AUI Corporate has established a Business Class Travel Policy, which provides the criteria and procedure to request an exception to fly business class rather than economy class. The request must be submitted to the AUI President (or his designee) for review and approval.
  4. AUI staff will be reimbursed for meals and incidentals using government per diem rates and to reimburse hotel expenses up to 200% of government per diem rates. Hotel expenses over 200% of the government per diem rate will require pre-approval from the AUI Controller.
  5. AUI Board of Trustees will be reimbursed for actual meals and incidental expenses.


  1. Travel advances request must be approved by the AUI Controller by submitting a Travel Expense Form at least one week in advance of travel.
  2. Travel Expense Claims should be submitted within 15 business days after each trip. Each expense voucher must be approved by the AUI Controller and be accompanied by proper documentation for expenses reimbursement. A receipt for expenses exceeding $75 is required. If a traveler loses or misplaces a receipts, a memorandum detailing the expenses can be provided to the AUI Controller in lieu of the receipt.
    • Any refunds due the AUI from travel advances must be submitted with the Travel Expense Voucher.
    • Any travel expenses charged to the American Express Gold Business credit card or directly billed to AUI should be deducted as a direct billed expense.
    • Any cash advance received should be deducted as cash advance on the travel voucher.
  3. The travel expense claims will be reviewed by the AUI Administrative Assistant to verify the amounts requested and ensure the expenses listed are allowable.
  4. After review, the travel expense claim is given to the AUI Controller for approval. If the travel claim is for the AUI Controller, the claim is given to the AUI Treasurer for approval and payment.