Purpose of AUI Fiscal Procedures Manual

The purpose of the Associated Universities, Inc. (AUI) Fiscal Procedures Manual is to provide an informative guide to the procedures, which are in effect to control the recording of costs and disbursing of funds, and financial reporting related to the management of the AUI Corporate Office. This Manual establishes uniform fiscal procedures consistent with the requirements of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and helps to promote a common understanding of fiscal objectives to ensure compliance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). In addition, this Manual provides a basis for management control and serves as a document for training personnel who work on financial and administrative functions for the AUI Corporate Office. Lastly, this document helps to note the differences in procedures followed by the AUI Corporate Office and the organization it manages, the National Radio Astronomy Organization (NRAO).

The procedures contained in this Manual are to be followed in performance of fiscal functions. These procedures will require periodic review and updating to assure compliance with changing requirements of AUI policies and NSF Administrative and Financial Terms and Conditions, NSF Award Guidelines, and Federal requirements (OMB-A-133, A-122, and A-110). It is recognized that there may be instances when it is necessary to deviate from the procedures defined herein to properly carry out stated objectives. Such deviations will be fully documented.