Fiscal Responsibilities

The AUI Corporate Office manages the NRAO under the National Science Foundation (NSF) Cooperative Agreements AST 0223851 and AST-0836064 and has a sub-award Agreement with the VAO LLC (the Agreements).  Under these Agreements, AUI has the responsibility to conduct its business in adherence with the Terms and Conditions of the NSF Cooperative Agreements, the Cooperative Support Agreements (CSAs) and Scientific Program Orders (SPOs), the general NSF Cooperative Agreement Financial and Administrative Terms and Conditions (CA-FATC) and the Supplemental Financial & Administrative Terms and Conditions for Managers of Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs).

The AUI Corporate Office General Ledger is hosted on the AUI/NRAO JD Edwards financial system as Company 99. The AUI Corporate Controller is responsible for the accounting functions related to the AUI Corporate books.  Changes or modification to this Manual or the inclusion of new policies or procedures shall be subject to the approval of the AUI Corporate Controller.  The AUI Corporate Controller is responsible for making updates and revisions to this manual on a timely basis.

The Fiscal responsibilities are segregated and assigned to the AUI Corporate Controller, AUI Treasurer, AUI/NRAO Chief Accountant, and NRAO Fiscal Officer, as follows:

The AUI Corporate Controller is responsible for:

  1. Monitoring revenues and expenses of the AUI Corporate Office
  2. Reviewing the General Ledger and Financial Statements monthly
  3. Preparing the AUI Corporate annual budget and forecasts of expenditures
  4. Developing the AUI Indirect Cost rate
  5. Maintaining liaison with AUI Audit Committee and external auditors

The AUI Treasurer is responsible for:

  1. Monitoring cash flow
  2. Handling banking matters
  3. Managing Corporate Investments

The AUI/NRAO Chief Accountant is responsible for:

  1. Managing daily operations of the Accounts Payable function
  2. Monitoring the Accounts Receivable
  3. Reviewing the General Ledger on a monthly basis
  4. Preparing AUI’s Financial Statements

The NRAO Fiscal Officer is responsible for:

  1. Preparing cash flow projections
  2. Maintaining controls over Cash Management and Property and Equipment Records
  3. Preparing for and managing the fieldwork for the annual external financial audit
  4. Preparing the AUI Corporate Office Form 990 and State tax filings