American Express Visa Business Cards


To define and set forth procedures for the usage of the Gold Business credit cards issued by American Express for the AUI Corporate Office. The AUI American Express Account has 6 credit cards currently issued to the AUI President, Vice President of Administration (Treasurer and Secretary), Vice President for Programs, AUI Controller/Chief Financial Officer (Associate Vice President for Administration), AUI President Executive Assistant, and AUI Executive Assistant to the Corporate Secretary. The AUI Treasurer is the primary holder of the American Express Business credit card account.

The AUI Corporate Office has established that:

  1. The AUI Treasurer is to approve the issuance of credit cards to AUI Corporate Staff.
  2. Credit card purchases are to be made for AUI official business only. Personal use of the credit card is prohibited.
  3. Procurements from a vendor that is owned or operated by an immediate family member of the procurement agent are prohibited.
  4. Purchases made by the Corporate Office staff need to be corroborated with receipts and given to the AUI/NRAO Chief Accountant.


  1. Each month the AUI Controller pays the American Express by wire from the JP Morgan Corporate Bank Account.
  2. The American Express statement is then forwarded to AUI/NRAO Chief Accountant and entered into the JD Edwards Accounting system as a manual check to an accrued American Express Account.
  3. The American Express Statement is circulated to each cardholder to provide the receipts for each of the transactions on their credit card. The cardholder also codes the transactions, and signs that the information is correct. After all transactions have been verified and coded, the AUI Controller reviews the American Express credit card statement and forwards it to the AUI/NRAO Chief Accountant.
  4. The AUI/NRAO Chief Accountant reviews the American Express credit card statement for accuracy and records the transactions to the correct business unit and object code to offset the accrued American Express account in the AUI General Ledger.


  1. Credit cards are immediately destroyed if any card holder’s employment is terminated.