Section 3.7 Air Travel

Travelers should purchase the lowest available economy class airfare that meets the business needs of the travel, except as outlined below. Travelers may upgrade the level of service at personal expense or using their personal airline rewards points, miles, or credits.  Reasonable fees associated with priority boarding and economy class upgrades (e.g. Economy Plus, exit row, aisle seat, etc.) may be reimbursable in some circumstances, and travelers should consult with their supervisor in case of doubt.

When there are unusual circumstances or project-driven requirements which necessitate the need to travel via business class, the AUI President, or designee, may authorize such travel when the origin/destination are outside the continental United States, and the scheduled flight time, including stopovers and change of planes, is in excess of 14 hours.  The difference between the fare of the class flown and the economy class fare of the identical flight shall be documented by including print-outs of itineraries from the airline website obtained at the time of booking the flight, with the expense report, along with the reason for the increased fare and the necessary approval.