Section 3.6 Travel Guidelines

Employees should travel and conduct business in reasonable comfort. AUI expects employees to exercise good judgment in distinguishing between reasonable comfort and extravagance. Employees and those subject to this policy will be required to pay for any travel expenses considered extravagant by AUI. Caution should be exercised, and prior consultation is strongly encouraged in case of doubt. Accepted modes of transportation include coach/economy air, rail, bus, auto (personal, rental or taxi), and other forms of public transportation.  When selecting the mode of transportation, the employee should choose the most economical fare taking into consideration factors such as time, weather, and availability.

On government grants and contracts, the cumulative daily travel cost is generally limited to the ceiling established by the government travel regulations (i.e., Federal Travel Regulations, Joint Travel Regulations, and Standardized Regulations).  Per diem overages require approval from the Grants and Contract Administration Officer in order to be reimbursed.