Section 3.17 Other Expenses

Internet – Charges incurred for internet services while traveling are reimbursable, if necessary and used for business. Daily charges for internet services on personal portions of business trips are personal, not business, expenses.

Ground Transportation – The most economical mode of transportation, such as shuttle services, public transportation and taxis, should be used to and from air and rail terminals when possible.

Tips – Reasonable tips at hotels, air and rail terminals, and for taxis will be reimbursed, unless the per diem method of reimbursement, which includes tips in the cost of incidentals, is used.

Passports, VISAS, and Medical Immunizations – Costs for passports, visas, and medical immunizations associated with approved foreign travel will be reimbursed for employees.

Baggage Fees – Charges for baggage that is reasonable and appropriate for the purpose and length of the trip are allowable. Charges for baggage that is personal in nature or that is not reasonable and appropriate for the purpose and length of the trip is not allowable (e.g. golf clubs).

Miscellaneous Business Expenses – Expenditures of a business nature for items not covered above including business office expenses (faxes, copying services) may be reimbursed separately and should not be reported on a travel expense report

Non-Reimbursable Expenses – AUI’s policy is to reimburse travelers for all ordinary, reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in transacting AUI business. The following expenses are not considered appropriate business expenses and will not be reimbursed. This list is representative, but not exhaustive:

  • Air club membership fees, unless approved
  • Air travel insurance
  • Annual fees for personal credit cards
  • Babysitting costs
  • Briefcases (except for award, recognition or incentive purposes)
  • Charges for unused hotel reservations, unless approved by the Controller
  • Child and/or elder care, pet care or fees for house-sitting
  • Costs of boarding pets
  • Credit card fees
  • Employee morale items
  • Fees associated with rented or owned aircraft
  • Home expenses while on domestic or international business travel
  • Hotel mini-bar items except when in lieu of a travel meal
  • Hotel resort fees (unless they include otherwise allowable charges, such as internet service and on-site parking, that would cost more if purchased individually)
  • Incidental expenses (candy, soda, coffee, cake, refreshments, etc. that are not part of a meal)
  • Insurance options for domestic car rentals
  • Interest on credit card balances
  • In-the-room movies
  • Laundry and/or dry cleaning services when travel is less than seven (7) days
  • Normal commuting mileage
  • Moving violation fines in personal, rental, commercial, or non-commercial company vehicles
  • Other items of a personal nature such as shoe shines, haircuts, mini bar charges, health club charges, magazines, tobacco, toiletries, and travel insurance premiums
  • Personal accessories (clothing, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.)
  • Personal electronic organizers/calendars/time management binders and refills (except for award, recognition or incentive purposes)
  • Personal entertainment (airline headsets, books, newspapers, magazines, theatre, movie and sporting event tickets, nightclub, bowling, golf fees, etc.)
  • Personal medications
  • Personal reading matter
  • Personal services (massage, manicure, barber or salon services, etc.)
  • Repairs, maintenance, or insurance on personal cars
  • Replacement clothing
  • Spouse or family member travel unless approved by an officer and evidenced by an approved Travel Authorization Form
  • Tolls regularly incurred during normal commute
  • Tourist attraction fees (city tours, etc.)
  • Traffic fines and court costs
  • Traveler’s check fees