Section 3.16 Meals

Travelers will be reimbursed for reasonable actual meals or may opt for the government Meals and Incidental Expense (MI&E) per diem allowance based on the city the traveler lodges in. Travelers should not combine the two methods of reimbursement on the same trip unless the traveler serves as a host for a group meal.

The per diem rate tables followed are those published by the General Services Administration. Per diem allowance on partial days of travel (first and last days of trip) is 75% of the applicable daily per diem rate. Actual meal expenses should be reasonable and not extravagant, in general not greater than the per diem allowance set by the federal government for the city visited (i.e., domestic per diem per federal government and international per diem per state department).

Situations may arise where business meal expenses may be considered allowable for an employee on travel, but may be considered unallowable for an employee at their regular office. Business meals attended by a traveler are governed by this Travel policy.

Note: The cost of alcohol is not reimbursable unless prior approval is obtained. The traveler must track alcohol costs incurred, report such costs on the expense report and receipts, and segregate these costs as unallowable. Under no circumstances may alcohol be charged to a federally-sponsored project.