Section 3.1 Approval for Travel

A Travel Authorization Form (TAF) must be completed in advance for all AUI-related travel by air, travel that includes an overnight stay, or when more than $500 will be spent on total travel expenses including registration fees.  This must be approved by the employee’s supervisor, or designee. The request should reflect dates, destination, and business purpose of travel, how the travel will be funded (i.e., by sponsored project, by AUI or by some other means), the cost of conference/meeting registration, if any, and personal time while on travel, if any. An itinerary and any registration form should be attached, if at all possible. The Principal Investigator or designee should approve all travel necessary under sponsored projects, in advance.

In general, Travel Authorization Forms should be submitted at least a week in advance of the departure date.  However, to take advantage of the significant cost savings available to travelers booking arrangements early, staff are encouraged to submit a Travel Authorization Forms and book air travel at least two months in advance of departure.