Outside Scientific Staff Employment

In order to preserve the integrity of AUI’s scientific work, scientific staff engaged in activities outside AUI must adhere to the following additional principles:

  1. The primary obligation of every staff member is to carry out that part of AUI’s program for which the member is directly responsible.  This obligation is not confined to particular hours on particular days; it is professional in character and it is only fulfilled by accomplishments consistent with each member’s professional expertise and abilities.
  2. In considering opportunities for outside employment, staff members are expected to act in accord with the standards of professional ethics.  Members should not consult for any organization (or, if the organization is very large, for any division) that is involved as a vendor or otherwise engaged in direct and substantial business dealings with AUI, especially when the dealings are in fields closely related to the proposed employment.  Nor shall members consult for any firm or organization actively seeking business from AUI.  Under no circumstances should a staff member participate in procurement negotiations with an organization with which the member has had any consulting connection.  Nor shall the staff member participate in an evaluation or appraisal by AUI or its funding agencies of some technical aspect of the work of such an organization.  Similarly, except for employment reference purposes, the names of AUI, its Research Centers or its funding agencies must not be used in connection with any outside employment.
  3. All opportunities for outside employment must be viewed in light of the following principles:
    • Staff members should not accept compensation for work that can be fairly regarded as a part of their regular duties or responsibilities.  Similarly, compensation cannot be accepted from others for doing work as an individual that is essentially a part of AUI’s programs.
    • No outside organization should obtain special knowledge of AUI work by employing members of the AUI staff.  More specifically, employees performing services for an outside organization must not divulge or utilize information gained as AUI employees unless that information is generally and readily available to the general public.  Similarly, staff members should not consult for firms whose business is in fields in which AUI is conducting research for which the results are not yet fully reported and in the public domain.  Each individual is expected to exercise sound judgment, based on the requirements of professional integrity, to avoid a conflict of interest and/or the appearance of a conflict of interest.
    • The relationship of an employee to any outside organization, from which compensation is received, must be that of an independent contractor.  The acceptance of a position that carries management responsibilities or creates fiduciary relationships that in any way relate to AUI’s missions is prohibited.
  4. All outside consulting arrangements or comparable employment services must be approved annually by the employee’s Research Center Director, or his/her designee.  Consulting arrangements involving the Corporate Office employees must be approved by the Chair of the Board.