Conflict of Interest

AUI employees must not engage in any private, business or professional activity that would place them in a position where there is, or might appear to be, a conflict between their private interests, including that of their immediate families, and the interests of AUI.

No AUI employee shall represent the Corporation in negotiations or any other dealings with any business organization in which the employee is personally or financially interested.

In conformity with the spirit of the foregoing, AUI employees shall advise their supervisors of any possible incompatibility (real or apparent) between their regular duties and their private interests. If an employee has any doubt as to whether such a situation exists, he/she should seek a supervisor’s advice.

Employees shall not use for personal gain, or make other improper use of, privileged information acquired in connection with their employment. The term “privileged information” includes, but is not limited to, unpublished information relating to technological and scientific developments; medical, personnel or security records of employees; anticipated materials requirements or pricing actions; possible new sites for government or AUI-connected operations and the identity of selected contractors or subcontractors before they have been officially announced.

Purchases of supplies or services from employees are prohibited, except when the express approval of the Director of an AUI Research Center or an authorized designee has been obtained in writing. Such exceptions shall not be used to dispense with or contravene the normal procurement rules governing competition, pricing, quality and delivery.

Employees are prohibited from trying to influence or make any decision related to the hiring, promotion, and compensation or performance evaluation of any relative. AUI shall take action to avoid any situation that places close relatives in a supervisory/subordinate relationship.

AUI will develop procedures for employees to report real or potential conflicts of interest to an appropriate management official. Additionally, AUI will develop procedures to evaluate any reported issues and resolve any issues determined to be a real conflict of interest.