Adjunct Appointments, Editorships and Similar Appointments

AUI employees may accept adjunct appointments to academic institutions and editorships or similar appointments to the staff of scientific, technical or other professional publications under the following conditions:

  1. At any one time, an employee may hold only one collateral appointment providing compensation.
  2. If the appointment is simply to recognize activities that require the employee to devote only incidental and occasional time, either at an AUI facility or at another location, the staff member may accept the appointment and receive expenses, but not compensation, from the other organization while continuing to receive full-time salary and benefits from AUI.
  3. If the appointment requires the employee to devote no more than 10% of the normal working hours of the AUI Research Center, the employee may accept both compensation and expenses for his/her services by utilizing approved leave.  In order to satisfy the commitment to the collateral employer, the employee must use vacation and/or leave without pay for such purposes.  Should a conflict of duties arise, the staff member’s primary commitment is to AUI.
  4. If the appointment requires the staff member to devote more than 10% of the normal working hours of the AUI Research Center to the activity, the staff member’s salary will be proportionately reduced.  In this case, compensation and expenses may be accepted from the other employer.  AUI must concur in such arrangements, but under no circumstances may a staff member devote less than 50% of scheduled AUI working hours to AUI activities.
  5. Before accepting an appointment, the employee must confer with his/her immediate supervisor who, if in agreement, must get the concurrence and approval of the AUI Research Center Director.  A written statement should be prepared by the staff member indicating in detail the nature of the collateral appointment, its duration and any other pertinent information.  The degree to which such an employee is entitled to full or partial fringe benefits and the extent to which the employee may be required to make contributions to receive these benefits shall be consistent with other employees working similar work schedules.  In the case of editorial activities to be performed at a Research Center, a detailed statement must be submitted outlining the arrangements for reimbursing AUI for secretarial assistance, telephone and other office services as required.