Visitor Appointments

Scientists and engineers who maintain a primary affiliation with, or who hold grants from, other institutions or foundations may be given the following types of temporary visitor appointments at Research Centers:

  • Salaried Appointments — Individuals who take leave from their home institutions primarily to assist in advancing AUI programs may be given salaried appointments.  The salary, term and other conditions of such appointments are fixed by mutual agreement between the individual, the home institution and AUI.
  • Appointments with Support — AUI may defray a portion of the expenses incurred by the visitor in connection with a temporary appointment.  Such assistance may include allowances for travel; packing, transportation and unpacking of household goods; and lodging and daily expenses during the appointment.  Such appointments carry the title Research Collaborator or Technical Collaborator, depending on academic qualifications.
  • Guest Appointments — These appointments entail no remuneration from the Research Center and are made to individuals with support from outside sources.