Tenure Appointments

Tenure appointments are granted at a specific Research Center only upon recommendation of the Research Center’s Tenure Performance Review Committee (TPRC), by nomination by the Research Center Director, concurrence by the AUI President, and approval by the AUI Board of Trustees. A tenure appointment constitutes recognition of independent accomplishment of a high order in the performance of original research or of other intellectually creative activity appropriate to the purpose of the Research Center. Recognition may be earned through significant contributions of knowledge related to the purpose of the Research Center, or through continuing outstanding significant and creative contributions to the design, development, improvement and productive utilization of Center facilities. The tenure appointment also represents an expectation that the individual has continued responsibility to the Research Center’s mission. A tenure appointment can also be made to a newly hired scientist whose previous record indicates that he or she will excel in these areas of work.

A tenure appointment constitutes a commitment of continuing employment by AUI at a specific Research Center until the appointee’s retirement, except as noted below. Tenure appointments are intended to afford appointees the maximum autonomy to direct their research efforts and to provide a sufficient degree of economic security to attract persons of outstanding ability. All tenure appointments are made at the rank of an Associate Tenure Track Scientist or, in exceptional circumstances, Scientist with a Continuing Appointment.

A tenure appointment may be terminated only by action of the AUI Board of Trustees and only for reasons of financial exigency or cause. Cause shall be established by each Research Center. Involuntary termination by the Trustees shall only occur after a review by the TPRC, upon recommendation of the Research Center Director and concurrence by the AUI President.

Funding for the operation of AUI Research Centers is derived mainly via Government contracts and it is possible that conditions may occur that will make termination of Tenure for reasons of financial exigency necessary. The AUI Board, therefore, has adopted the following principles:

  • Tenure is of great value. It must be protected at each Research Center within the limits of availability of funds and the need to maintain viability and excellence of programs; and
  • Recommendations for termination of tenured staff shall be made to the AUI Board only after a recommendation from the Research Center, including consultation with representatives of the tenure staff, efforts to find the affected individuals other appropriate positions within the Research Center, and consideration of the need to maintain excellent and viable programs. All such recommendations require the approval of the Research Center Director and concurrence by the AUI President before being presented to the AUI Board.