Continuing Appointments

Continuing appointments may be required for continuity in various programs of research and in the design, construction and operation of experimental facilities. To be considered for a continuing appointment, a candidate must exhibit a high degree of skill and competence in a discipline that makes a significant contribution to the Research Center; for example, the direct implementation of research carried out by academic visitors and other members of the staff or advanced training in new techniques. Other typical activities for which continuing appointments may be made are the operation of major facilities, the exercise of service programs and the development and design of special equipment.

Continuing appointments are made at the rank of Scientist and are not subject to the time limitation imposed on term appointments. Appointment of staff members to the continuing category are made by Research Center Directors after approval by the AUI President, who reports such appointments to the AUI Board of Trustees.

A continuing appointment shall not be revoked except for enforcement of sponsoring agency contractual provisions, by reason of financial exigency or major change of program, or for cause. In the case of financial exigency or major change of program, every reasonable effort will be made to continue the appointment in an appropriate organizational unit of the Research Center. Termination for cause will be effected only after a review by a SPRC. Terminations for reasons of financial exigency or a major program change will be made only after consultation with a SPRC.