Non-Tenure Track Positions

All appointments to the non-tenure scientist track are approved by the Director of the Research Center and can only be terminated by the Director. Promotions are made on recommendations from a Scientist Performance Review Committee (SPRC) and the cognizant Assistant Director or Project Director. The non-tenure track Scientist positions are divided into Assistant Scientist, Associate Scientist, and Scientist.

  • Assistant Scientist — An appointee to the rank of Assistant Scientist should hold a doctoral degree or, in exceptional circumstances, should have achieved the equivalent level of accomplishment, and normally have several years of postdoctoral experience. The appointee should have a demonstrated promise of superior level of ability in his or her field and possess skills which are required for the Research Center’s mission. Appointees should be qualified and competent to direct the work of others such as technicians, graduate students, and other research personnel.
  • Associate Scientist — In addition to the qualifications of an Assistant Scientist, the appointee should have demonstrated extensive experience in their area of technical expertise that relates to the Research Center’s mission. If research is a part of the Scientist’s position, evidence of success in that area during previous appointments is also expected. A record of professional activities should also be demonstrated.
  • Scientist — In addition to the qualifications of an Associate Scientist, the appointee should have demonstrated a degree of proficiency in their technical work sufficient to establish an excellent national or international reputation in the field. If there is a research component to their work, appointees should have a demonstrated record of sound, scholarly production of research publications. A consistent record of professional activity should be established. There should be evidence of significant professional achievements. There should be a clear record of accomplishment in furthering the Research Center mission.
  • Scientist with a Continuing Appointment — To be considered for a continuing appointment, the individual must exhibit a high degree of skill and competence in a specific area required to further the mission and operation of the Research Center. Typical activities for which a continuing appointment may be made are operation of a major facility, the design of new facilities, service to user programs, the development of unique software, and/or the development and operation of special equipment or instruments. Normally, a continuing appointment is the last promotion in the Scientist track. However, under exceptional circumstances, a Scientist with a continuing appointment may be awarded a tenure appointment at a specific Research Center.