Scientific Staff Appointments

Given its emphasis on the primacy of conducting scientific endeavors of the highest quality, AUI has developed a tenure and promotion system to attract capable and highly qualified individuals as staff members, strengthen institutional loyalty, and encourage scientific excellence by supporting, retaining, and rewarding the most able people.

AUI has adopted scientific staff policies similar to those for faculty at major research universities.  Research Centers can have tenure and non-tenure track positions. In the sections below, the generic term “tenure track scientist” is used for tenure-track appointments and “scientist” is used for non-tenure track appointments. Tenure appointments are granted at a specific Research Center only upon recommendation of the Research Center’s, Tenure Performance Review Committee (TPRC), by the nomination of the Research Center Director, concurrence by the AUI President, and approval of the AUI Board of Trustees.

The following is general guidance to AUI’s Research Centers for the appointment, promotion and termination of members of the scientific staff.

  1. Regular Scientific Staff Appointments
  2. Types of Scientific Appointments