Position Classification Systems

In order to ensure that employees receive equitable treatment with respect to compensation, benefits and the prospects for promotion, each Research Center shall develop a written position classification manual.  The purpose of the manual shall be to:

  • Ensure that employees are properly categorized as exempt or non-exempt as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act;
  • Ensure that employees performing comparable jobs receive comparable pay and benefits;
  • Enable AUI to identify affirmative action/equal opportunity goals and to track performance in achieving them;
  • Facilitate management processes such as project costing and project management;
  • Provide employees and supervisors with a clear and common understanding of the skill requirements and career development potential of a position, a class of positions and/or a hierarchal series of positions;
  • Ensure that employees are assigned to categories related to the job they are actually performing (e.g., scientists and engineers primarily performing management functions should be classified as managers, not as scientists or engineers); and
  • Determine which employees qualify for full benefits, partial benefits or only statutory benefits.


  1. Non-Scientific Staff Appointments
  2. Scientific Staff Appointments