Employee Benefit Programs

Core Benefits

AUI offers a core set of benefits to all eligible employees. Research Centers may offer additional benefits programs to meet special requirements.

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • COBRA and HIPAA Benefits
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • AUI Retirement Plan
  • AUI Voluntary Tax-Deferred Retirement Plan

Management Development Program

It is the policy of AUI to establish and vigorously pursue a program of executive development, recognizing that this starts with the selection and training of supervisory personnel at all levels. AUI encourages the establishment of appropriate plans in all of its operations to ensure maintenance of adequate organizational supervisory structures and the development of increasing supervisory competence and recognizes that such plans should include on-the-job training and coaching as well as more formal methods of instruction.

Tuition Assistance Program

Eligible employees may be reimbursed for successfully completing formal courses that are pertinent to their careers or degrees that are pertinent to their work, or for successfully completing vocational training courses. Prior approval is required to participate in the program. When required by tax regulations, payments will be reported to the appropriate taxing authorities.

Trustee Scholarship Program

Under the AUI Trustees Scholarship Program a limited number of college scholarships are awarded each year on a competitive basis to children of eligible AUI employees. Recipients must be accepted for admission at an accredited institution of higher education in the United States, or at a foreign institution acceptable to AUI, for a course of study from two to four years that culminates in a degree (or an equivalent certification as determined by AUI).

Normally there will be two types of scholarships: unrestricted and restricted. Unrestricted scholarships are open to all children of eligible employees. Restricted scholarships are awarded to children of eligible AUI employees of minority groups who are not successful in the competition for the unrestricted scholarships but who are otherwise deemed to be acceptable candidates.

Children of Corporate Office staff may compete for unrestricted and restricted scholarships, as appropriate, using the same academic standards as the scholarship candidates for the children of Research Center employees. To the extent that Corporate Office candidate qualifications are at least equal to or exceed those of any successful AUI Research Center candidates for a comparable unrestricted or restricted award, an extra scholarship will be awarded.

The scholarship stipends are paid directly to the college to defray normal college expenses such as tuition, room and board. In the case of a commuting student, if the charges by the college to the student’s account are less than the stipend, the remainder may be paid to the student to defray related legitimate educational expenses substantiated by the presentation of receipts.

Scholarships will normally continue for up to four consecutive years if prescribed scholastic standards are maintained. If baccalaureate requirements are completed in less than four years, or if the student enters graduate school before receipt of the baccalaureate degree, the remaining term of the original four-year scholarship may be applied against comparable expenses of a graduate degree program. Similarly, a scholarship recipient who has originally undertaken a two-year program leading to an associate degree may request that the scholarship be continued for an additional two years for attainment of a baccalaureate degree.

Scholarship applicants who wish to undertake a course of study that does not fall within the above guidelines may be deemed eligible if the course of study is acceptable to the AUI Board of Trustees Operations and Administration Committee.

Relocation Policy

Relocation costs may be reimbursed to a new or an existing full-time employee, when at AUI’s request, the employee relocates his/her permanent residence in order to assist AUI in achieving important work objectives. Such expenses shall be authorized only when the new job location is significantly more distant from the employee’s existing residence. Additionally, authorization for reimbursement shall be:

  • made in writing and in the case of a Corporate Office employee, signed by the President, or, in the case of a Research Center employee, signed by the Research Center Director or his/her designee;
  • cited as a specific dollar amount beyond which the employee shall not be reimbursed;
  • limited to specific categories of relocation expenses that will be identified in writing;
  • reported as relocation expenses to the appropriate taxing authorities if required by law; and
  • subject to the approval of the funding agency when required by the terms of a contractual agreement.