Compensation Policy

Salary Administration Policy

It is AUI’s policy to establish and maintain a systematic salary administration program that compensates employees fairly and equitably for performing their assigned duties and responsibilities, which recognizes and rewards superior performance. To this end, each Research Center shall establish written policies and procedures that provide adequate guidance for all decisions involving the establishment of non-bargaining unit base compensation rates, compensation adjustments and promotions. The written procedures shall include two basic processes:

  • Job Evaluations — Job evaluations are conducted to determine the value of a particular job or group of jobs relative to other jobs at a Research Center. Such evaluations shall include, as a minimum, skill levels; educational/vocational requirements; years of job-related experience; and the extent to which the job helps the Research Center achieve its primary goals.
  • Wage and Salary Surveys — Wage and salary surveys shall be used to compare compensation rates at a Research Center with the rates of comparable organizations and with organizations in the same geographic area.

Employee Performance Reviews

Written performance appraisals for each employee shall be conducted at least annually. To this end, Research Centers shall develop written policies and procedures establishing a performance review system that provides for the development of specific criteria against which an employee’s performance will be evaluated. The results of performance reviews shall form the primary, but not exclusive, basis for compensation adjustments, promotions, and, with respect to the regular scientific staff, for decisions regarding term, project, continuing and tenure appointments.

Hiring, Compensation Adjustments, Promotions and Transfers Decisions

Hiring, compensation adjustments, promotions and transfer decisions shall be made without discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, age, sex, disability, veteran status or any other legally-protected distinction.

Salary Approvals for New Hires, Promotions and Adjustments

The procedures for review and approval of new hires, promotions and compensation adjustments are indicated below. For certain Research Center positions, reviews and approvals may also be contractually required by funding agencies.

Approval by the Board of Trustees

The AUI Board of Trustees shall review and approve all proposed actions involving the hiring, promotion and salary adjustments of all Corporate Officers and Research Center Directors.

Approval by the President

With the exception of the actions outlined above, the President shall approve all new hires, promotion and compensation adjustment actions for all Corporate Office employees and for certain senior Research Center staff members. The Research Center Directors and President shall jointly develop criteria identifying those senior Research Center positions for which this approval is required. In general, this selection process will be limited to those positions meeting specific compensation rates and/or having significant management responsibilities. The President will report all new hires, promotions and compensation adjustments for these senior Research Center positions to the Board.

Approval by Research Center Directors

With the exception of the approvals reserved above for the Trustees and the President, a Research Center Director has the authority to approve new hires, promotions and compensation adjustment actions for all employees within the Research Center. Such authority may be delegated by a Director to the appropriate management official, provided that the Director conducts an annual overall review of new hires, promotions and compensation adjustment actions.

Compensation Adjustments

All non-bargaining unit employees shall have their compensation rates reviewed at least annually for possible adjustment. In determining whether an adjustment is to be made, the following factors shall be considered:

  • performance evaluations for the past several years;
  • pertinent wage and salary survey data; and
  • changes in the job factor evaluation
  • Other factors may also be relevant, but primary emphasis shall be placed upon performance evaluations.


In situations where a position is abolished or a job is modified and no longer matches an employee’s skill level or a significant reorganization occurred, AUI may transfer an employee to another position for which he/she is qualified. When an employee requests a transfer to a new job or organizational unit, AUI shall make reasonable efforts to accommodate the request.