Responsibilities of the Vice President for Radio Astronomy Operations

The Vice President for Radio Astronomy Operations reports to the AUI President and provides leadership to AUI-managed radio astronomy facilities, facilitating their production and dissemination of world-class science, engaging in dialogue with the facilities’ user communities and the broader range of facility stakeholders, overseeing strategic planning and business development in radio science related areas, and interfacing with the relevant Program Directors at the National Science Foundation and with the AUI Board of Trustees as appropriate. The Vice President for Radio Astronomy Operations serves as a member of AUI’s Executive team in developing and ensuring execution of broad AUI strategic goals and objectives. If the NRAO Director also holds the position of AUI Vice President for Radio Astronomy Operations, the level of effort devoted to non-NRAO related activities must be approved by NSF.

The Vice President for Radio Astronomy Operations is responsible for:

  • Serving as the AUI President’s & Board of Trustees’ principal point of liaison with the radio astronomy community, and the user communities of AUI-managed radio facilities;
  • Working with the President, other members of the Executive, and the Board in advancing AUI’s mission in support of the research endeavor;
  • Developing and promoting radio astronomy research, and monitoring research outcomes, at AUI’s radio astronomy facilities;
  • Understanding the needs and interests of the astronomy user communities, identifying issues, and making recommendations to the AUI President and Board which take the communities’ needs, challenges, and opportunities into account;
  • Ensuring the radio astronomy facilities meet appropriate standards of scientific and operational performance, and operate in strategic alignment with the AUI mission and the institutional goals of AUI;
  • Overseeing the preparation and review of the radio astronomy facilities’ annual and long-term program plans;
  • Providing leadership in hiring and training senior management at the facilities, evaluating their performance against agreed goals;
  • Supporting the facilities’ sustainability and contributing to revenue growth by developing the market for telescope time and radio astronomy-related technology, taking into account the technical strengths of the facilities;
  • Supporting AUI’s growth by prospecting needs, generating development ideas, and participating in technical and commercial assessments in conjunction with the AUI President and Executive;
  • Planning and coordinating the implementation of radio science related new business plans, including budget preparation and execution;
  • Ensuring the facilities’ proactive approach to compliance with all applicable Federal, State and local laws, regulations, award terms & conditions, and standards;
  • Helping organize and coordinate legislative and political action on behalf of AUI on astronomy issues, facilitating interaction and information sharing, as approved by the AUI President and Board.