Responsibilities of Vice President — Administration

The Vice President — Administration is elected at the Annual Meeting of the Board for a term of one year and reports to the President. In addition to such responsibilities as may be assigned by the President, the Vice President — Administration:

  1. Ensures that AUI financial, personnel, insurance and other administrative policies established by the Board or the Operations and Administration Committee are implemented consistently throughout the Corporation;
  2. Maintains effective working relationships and lines of communication with the chief administrative officials at AUI Research Centers and with the contracting officers of the agencies sponsoring work at these Research Centers;
  3. Bears responsibility for supporting the President in negotiating AUI’s contractual agreements with sponsoring agencies, including the indirect cost rate and management fee structures;
  4. Assists the President and Directors of AUI Research Centers in the drafting of and monitoring of major subcontracts;
  5. Reviews Government regulations, orders and guidance for possible policy implications for AUI and its Research Centers;
  6. Maintains cognizance of administrative interactions between AUI Research Centers and their funding agencies and participates in related appraisals, reviews, audits, closeout meetings and management processes that relate to assigned responsibilities;
  7. Maintains liaison with the Controller on matters pertaining to the AUI Audit Committee and the external audit firm;
  8. Serves as liaison with outside counsel, maintains cognizance of all legal activities affecting AUI and establishes and monitors mechanisms to ensure that information on legal issues is disseminated to the President and to the Board through the Operations and Administration Committee;
  9. Advises the President and Controller in the development of Corporate financial plans;
  10. Bears responsibility for the development and implementation of Corporate policies on technology transfer and patents and licensing programs at AUI Research Centers;
  11. Assists the President in the evaluation of administrative management at AUI Research Centers;
  12. Maintains liaison with the procurement officials at Research Centers to assure that procurement actions are reviewed and approved by the Corporate Office, as required;
  13. Maintains liaison with human resources officials at all Research Centers to monitor compliance with all statutory and regulatory human resources requirements and to assure that appointments, promotions and salary actions are reviewed and approved by the President, as required;
  14. Ensures that Research Centers fulfill all obligatory and prudent environmental, safety and health responsibilities;
  15. Executes contracts, subcontracts, consultant agreements and purchase orders in accordance with commitment authority delegated by the President;
  16. Maintains a continuing review of AUI benefit programs, and serves as the “named Fiduciary” for all employee benefit plans of the Corporation;
  17. Serves as the Executive Secretary to the Operations and Administration Committee; and
  18. Performs other functions normally associated with the office subject to additions and limitations stipulated by the Board.