Responsibilities of the Research Center Directors

Directors of AUI-managed Research Centers are appointed by the Trustees on the basis of recommendations from the President and the Chairs of Search Committees, and with the concurrence, if required, of principal funding agencies.  Appointments are ordinarily for a fixed term of not more than five years. Research Center Directors:

  1. Provide scientific and management leadership for the Centers’ activities and assure that the scientific and technical programs are of the highest quality.  The work should compare favorably with the work in related areas at other world-class research facilities.  Ordinarily, only scientists with a deep and thorough knowledge of research developments in the fields on which Centers focus can provide such leadership;
  2. Perform all the duties of the Research Centers’ Chief Operating Officers;
  3. Report to the President on all aspects of the Centers’ scientific, technical, and management operations, developing, in conjunction with the President and other Corporate officers, working relationships that identify scientific and management issues for which Corporate assistance, review, and/or approval is required;
  4. Work with the President to assure that the Trustees are fully informed of significant issues pertaining to Research Center activities through the Center Directors and their senior staffs’ regular participation in Board and Executive Committee Meetings;
  5. Ensure that the policies outlined in the AUI Organization and Policy Manual are implemented throughout the Research Centers;
  6. Identify new opportunities for research endeavors in support of the scientific community and assure, through periodic institutional self-assessments, that the Centers’ missions are consistent with the scientific community’s long-range plans;
  7. Maintain broad-based liaison activities with sponsoring agencies, other scientific institutions, individual scientists and local communities;
  8. Establish and implement policies and practices that create and maintain a workplace that attracts and retains staff of the highest quality and that meets all legal and administrative regulations prescribed by Federal, state and local governments; and,
  9. Promote diversity and broad participation within the workforce of the Research Center, and within the broader science, engineering, and public communities that the Research Center’s mission touches.  Designates a Diversity Coordinator, who will be involved in all diversity-related activities through the Research Center.