President Reappointment Review Policy

No later than 6 months before the expiration of the term of the AUI President, the Chair of the Board will inform the President whether he/she will be reappointed. Normally, the AUI Board will constitute a Committee to review the performance of the President, using as a guideline how well he/she is meeting the responsibilities of the office as listed in the Organization and Policy Manual. The Committee will make a recommendation as to the desirability of renewing the President for another term, presenting its findings and recommendation to the AUI Trustees. The Trustees will make the final determination whether the President should be offered another term.


  1. Constitution – The Review Committee should consist of five to six members, comprised of Trustees and non-Trustees, as appropriate, with a range of scientific and administrative expertise. The AUI Board Chair, in consultation with the Executive Committee, will name the members of the Review Committee and its Chair, based on nominations by the Trustees. The full Board will ratify the membership of the Committee.
  2. Charge – The Committee charge will be drafted by the Board Chair, in consultation with the Executive Committee.
  3. Review Process – The Board Chair will request from the President a summary of accomplishments during his or her tenure, and forward this to the Committee for consideration. The Committee will, based on recommendations transmitted by the Board Chair, compile a list of individuals who are representative of the stakeholders of AUI, including management and senior staff of AUI Research Center(s), the relevant funding agency(s), and senior personnel in the research community including disciplines relevant to the AUI Research Center(s). The Committee will solicit inputs from those individuals and from the other Trustees relative to the performance of the President, interviewing in person as many of the individuals as possible. The Committee will hold at least one meeting in person to discuss its findings and compose its report. The Committee Chair will present the Committee’s findings to the full Board of Trustees for consideration.
  4. Decision – The Board of Trustees will make the final decision whether or not to offer the President another term.