Responsibilities of the President

The President is the Chief Executive Officer of AUI and reports to the Board of Trustees.  The President is elected at the Annual Meeting of the Board for a term of one year, and is assisted in the discharge of responsibilities by other officers of the Corporation and by such additional staff as may be authorized by the Board.  The President serves ex officio on the Executive Committee, Operations and Administration Committee and Governance Committee.  The President also normally serves on ad hoc Committees as may be established as necessary.  The President:

  1. Implements all policies established by the Board;
  2. Attends all Board and Executive Committee meetings and keeps the Trustees fully informed on all important matters affecting the quality, the direction and the financial integrity of AUI and the institutions it manages;
  3. Ensures the effective leadership and management of AUI and its Research Centers and the adherence to high standards of scientific, managerial, operational and ethical excellence;
  4. In collaboration with the Chair of the Board, who assures appropriate Board participation, establishes Search Committees to identify candidates for Research Center Directorships and, in collaboration with the Search Committee Chairs, proposes candidates for Board approval;
  5. Conducts periodic performance reviews of Corporate officers reporting to the President and shares the results of such reviews with the Board;
  6. In consultation with the Chair of the Board, organizes periodic performance reviews of Research Center Directors and shares information emerging from such reviews with the Board;
  7. Establishes and maintains effective relationships with funding agencies that support operations of AUI Research Centers and with such other funding organizations as may become involved in current or future AUI operations.  The President may be assisted in these matters by the Trustees, the Research Center Directors, and associated staff.  The President, by virtue of overall responsibility for the Corporation’s relations with its funding agencies, also has general responsibility for communication with those agencies.  However, this latter responsibility, except for contractual relations and matters of fundamental importance to institutional operations, is ordinarily discharged by delegation to the Research Center Directors;
  8. Maintains cordial and effective working relationships with the Presidents and principal officers of other institutions that are concerned with the programs and operations of AUI Research Centers;
  9. Seeks research and management opportunities to which the Corporation could make significant contributions to issues of national importance;
  10. Reviews and approves all major contracts and subcontracts issued by Research Centers, and apprises the Board of such actions;
  11. Reviews and approves all annual and long-range program plans and subsequent amendments before submission to sponsoring agencies;
  12. Executes all Corporate Office contracts, subcontracts, consultant agreements, and purchase orders as may be required to conduct normal business operations.  Such authority may be delegated to other Corporate officers;
  13. Reviews and approves all annual and multi-year financial plans and subsequent amendments before submission to a sponsoring agency;
  14. Reviews and approves, in conjunction with the Board, all proposals to undertake efforts involving significant changes in the historical level of effort or scope of activities of Research Centers;
  15. Reviews and approves appointments, promotions and salary adjustments for certain senior level Research Center staff, sharing with the Board appropriate information regarding such actions;
  16. Promotes diversity and broad participation within the workforces of the Corporate Office and Research Centers, and within the broader science, engineering, and public communities that AUI and its Research Centers’ missions touch. Designates an AUI Diversity Officer to coordinate and monitor diversity initiatives, collect metrics on diversity across the organization, and make recommendations for policies and initiatives as appropriate;
  17. Develops, in conjunction with Research Center Directors, working relationships regarding Corporate review and approval of policy documents, single or multi-year resource estimates and periodic, technical, administrative or financial reports for funding agencies, whether such documents are in draft or final form; and
  18. Performs other functions normally associated with the office subject to additions and limitations stipulated by the Board.

In the event of absence or possible unavailability, and with the knowledge and consent of the Chair of the Board, may authorize other officer(s) of the Corporation to exercise the authority of the President for such period as the President deems appropriate.