Responsibilities of the Trustees

The Trustees of AUI, as members of the governing body, are responsible for the overall management and control of the Corporation and the direction of Research Center activities.  Within this broad framework, the Board, in the discharge of some of its more important responsibilities:
  1. Adopts By-laws;
  2. Elects members of the Board as provided in the By-laws;
  3. Elects members and Chairs of AUI Standing Committees as provided in the By-laws;
  4. Selects the President of AUI for a fixed period to serve under terms and conditions mutually agreed upon between the President and the Board, and conducts periodic reviews of the President’s performance;
  5. Elects the Corporate officers, all of whom serve at the pleasure of the Board, and approves officer compensation, if any;
  6. Participates in the identification of candidates for Research Center Directorships, and, with the advice of the President, approves their appointments;
  7. Establishes and appropriately reviews the general policies governing the development, management and operations of the Corporation and its Research Centers;
  8. Promotes diversity and broad participation within the membership of the Board and the workforces of the Corporate Office and Research Centers;
  9. Continually oversees the activities of the Corporate Office and Research Centers including: (a) the quality of the science and technology; (b) the development of state-of-the-art research facilities and the support of external users; (c) the fulfillment of obligations to funding agencies; (d) the maintenance of constructive relationships with the academic community and the scientific community at large; (e) the effectiveness of collaborations, partnerships, and service relationships with institutions of higher education, industry and other interested organizations; (f) the maintenance of cordial and constructive relationships with Federal agencies and with local institutions and Governments affected by AUI facilities; and (g) non-programmatic operations including environmental, health, safety, financial, legal, human resources and administrative issues;
  10. Approves all tenure and emeritus appointments at the Research Centers;
  11. Reviews all annual and long range plans and proposed significant changes in the missions and practices of the Research Centers;
  12. Reviews and approves the annual Corporate budget and maintains oversight of Corporate operating funds and reserves;
  13. Assists in identifying opportunities to undertake, in the national interest, additional research and management tasks in support of appropriate research and educational activities;
  14. Reviews and approves, or delegates responsibility for, major new contracts and extensions; and
  15. Performs all other functions that the law requires the Board of Trustees to perform.