Responsibilities of the Secretary

The Secretary is elected at the Annual Meeting of the Board for a term of one year and reports to the President.  The Secretary:

  1. Keeps the minutes of meetings of the Board and the Executive Committee;
  2. Sends notices of meetings of the Board and the Executive Committee to all Trustees, and prior to the meetings sends copies of the minutes of the previous meeting and any other material that is germane to the meeting;
  3. May call a special meeting of the Board or the Executive Committee upon request of the Chair, or, in the Chair’s absence, by the senior Trustees in response to the written request of three Trustees;
  4. Prepares the agenda for meetings of the Board and the Executive Committee in consultation with the other officers and the Directors of AUI Research Centers;
  5. Holds the Corporate seal and affixes it to all instruments requiring the seal;
  6. Signs or attests various certificates, statements, reports, or contract documents as required by Federal, state, or local officials, financial institutions or funding agencies and assures that all such documents are filed or returned in a timely manner;
  7. Maintains all Corporate records pertaining to the operation of the Board of Trustees;
  8. Ensures that the Corporation operates in compliance with the laws governing educational institutions in the State of New York, AUI’s Charter and By-laws and any standing resolutions of the Board of Trustees;
  9. Provides executive support (including meeting arrangements) to the Chair of the Board, Committee Chairs and other Trustees as requested; and
  10. Performs other functions normally associated with the office subject to additions and limitations stipulated by the Board.