Responsibilities of the Chair of the Board

The Chair of the Board is elected at the Annual Meeting of the Board for a term of up to two years.  The Chair:
  1. Serves in an ex officio capacity on the Executive Committee;
  2. Chairs all meetings of the Board and the Executive Committee;
  3. May appoint a Trustee to attend meetings of any AUI Standing Committee to serve in place of an absent Committee member and may invite any other Trustees to attend such meetings to facilitate the transaction of any business coming before such meetings;
  4. Appoints Trustees, in consultation with the President, to serve on the Governance Committee;
  5. Appoints, either in consultation with or by delegation to the President, members of all other committees for which the method of membership selection is not specifically mandated by the By-laws;
  6. Consults directly with the Controller when necessary in the fulfillment of fiduciary responsibilities;
  7. Performs other functions normally associated with the office subject to additions and limitations stipulated by the Board;
  8. Reviews the President’s performance annually in accordance with agreed upon goals and objectives.  In years when the President’s contract is being considered for renewal, the review will be performed by a committee of the Board.