Outside Support

An AUI Research Center may seek outside support, on a limited basis, from sources other than its primary sponsoring agency. Each decision by a Research Center to seek outside support must be judged on its merit in the light of the following criteria:

  • A Research Center’s decision to seek outside support for major funding of an existing program or funding for significant new directions should be formally solicited with prior approval of the President. To ensure that this policy is effectively applied, Research Centers must keep the President informed of all efforts to secure major outside support. Any proposal for outside support that requires a Research Center’s primary sponsoring agency’s prior approval shall first be submitted to the Corporate Office for approval.
  • A Research Center may seek major outside support to augment an existing effort or to fund research in a new field. In either case, compatibility with the overall program of the Research Center should be considered. Normally, the supported activity will be conducted within the Research Center’s existing organizational structure and will follow the Research Center’s established policies and procedures, including those related to staff appointments. In the absence of an express agreement to the contrary, title to capital equipment acquired with outside funds shall vest to AUI. Non-governmental funds shall not be expended for construction of buildings or acquisition of any interest in real estate without the prior approval of the Board of Trustees. The creation of an autonomous or semi-autonomous unit should be avoided.
  • Outside support, whether used to augment an existing program or for a new program, should be for a specified period.
  • The overall quantitative relationship of outside support to the work funded by a Research Center’s primary sponsoring agency should not be disproportionate. The amount and purpose of outside support should not be so great as to create serious financial or organizational dislocation when the support ceases, whether that cessation is in accordance with the terms of the work or whether it is terminated at the convenience of the sponsor.
  • As a general rule, outside support should bear the full cost of the supported work plus the Research Center’s overhead costs and AUI Indirect Costs and Management Fee. Exceptions to this provision shall require written approval from the Corporate Office.
  • The term “Outside Support” as used above is not intended to include funds received expressly for consideration furnished (or expected to be furnished) by a Research Center. Examples are payment for work performed for or materials furnished to, others under collaborative programs and funds received in anticipation of costs to be incurred incidental to guest appointments.