Travel Policy

AUI will pay for all reasonable travel and relocation expenses incurred by the Corporation’s Trustees, employees and guests when travel has been authorized by proper management authority. The amount of reimbursement and the administrative procedures required to document such travel expenses shall not create an undue burden on the traveler.

Each Research Center shall develop written procedures outlining under what circumstances company-paid travel is authorized, the extent to which such expenses will be paid and expense documentation procedures. Such procedures will incorporate any special terms and conditions required by the organization funding the travel.

The use of privately-owned, leased, rented or borrowed aircraft by an employee, Officer or Trustee for company travel is prohibited.

Policies pertaining to travel expenses incurred by AUI Trustees, Officers and other Corporate Office employees, guests and consultants shall be periodically reviewed by the Operations and Administration Committee.

As a general rule, key employees should avoid traveling together on the same aircraft.

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