Publication Policy

a) General

  1. Members of the staff are free to engage in writing for their own benefit or profit provided it does not interfere with the performance of their regular duties. This may be done with no restrictions on arrangements with publishers, including arrangements for the payment of fees or royalties. However, the use of facility services (i.e., secretarial, graphic arts, library research assistance computers is subject to certain restrictions as described in b.(i) below).
  2. For the purpose of this policy, a member of the scientific staff on Professional Advancement Leave is not considered to be working for AUI and, consequently, is free to make any arrangements for writing consistent with the purpose of the Leave. Any fee or royalty received may be retained with no obligation to the sponsoring agency or to AUI. It is assumed that Professional Advancement Leave entails working away from the Research Center and that no part of the writing is done while engaged in regular duties either before or after taking such Leave.

b) Technical Papers Resulting from AUI Programs

  1. General–The publication of the results of research conducted under its management is an essential part of the work of AUI, and an author of a technical paper must not accept any remuneration in addition to the AUI salary for writing the paper. To assist an author, the Research Center provides all services connected with the preparation of the manuscript, (i.e., typing, graphic arts, library research, computing, etc.) as well as payment for page charges or any other costs associated with the publication in scientific journals or AUI reports. Publications of research results supported in part or in whole by AUI Research Centers must contain an acknowledgment of AUI’s sponsorship as well as any contractually-required acknowledgment.
  2. Sponsoring Agency Requests– The preparation of reviews, articles, monographs, etc., requested by AUI’s funding sponsors, is also considered part of an employee’s regular duties; therefore, the author shall receive no extra compensation. Exceptions to this policy may be authorized by a Research Center Director only with the prior approval of the sponsoring agency and when the employee performs all work in addition to regular duties or is on Leave without Pay. The Research Center provides all services and bears any expense connected with the preparation of the manuscript.

c) Review Articles, Sections of Handbooks, Etc.
Preparation of technical articles or reviews for commercial scientific or technical journals for which the author is paid a fee is governed as follows:

  1. There is no restriction on work of this kind if it involves only a negligible portion of the employee’s time (i.e., if total effort during any one year amounts to less than one-week working time). The provisions of section b. (i) apply to payment of costs and providing services required for the preparation of manuscripts.
  2. If the preparation of this type of publication requires that during any one year period, the author must reduce the time needed to perform regular duties by more than a week, the assignment of a portion of the fee in return for the provisions of services shall be made in accordance with section d. (ii) below.

d) Books
When an employee proposes to write a book or any part of a book (such as an article for a handbook or encyclopedia, etc.), and such writing might interfere with the performance of regular duties, the employee may proceed under the following conditions:

  1. The Research Center Director (or designee) must approve the project as appropriate to the work of the facility with regard to subject and time spent.
  2. The employee must agree to assign, on an annual basis, to the institution that portion of the royalties or fees as defined by the formula R = 2T, where R is the fraction of the fee or the total royalties earned by the book per year, and T is the ratio, as estimated by the author, of that portion of the author’s time spent on writing, which conflicts with regular duties, to the total time the author spends in writing the book.
  3. The employee must observe any guidelines issued by the funding sponsor when negotiating with the publisher of the contract for the payment of royalties or fees, the copyright ownership, and the author’s discounts.
  4. In consideration of the assignment of a share of the royalties or fee as provided above, the Research Center shall, with the exception of editorial work normally provided by the publisher, furnish all services such as graphic arts, secretarial help, library services, computer time, etc., required to prepare the manuscript for publication.